About Us


Waysmos Fine is one of dyestuffs manufacturer, providing a comprehensive range of quality paper dyes, digital printing dyes, Gel-dying basic liquid dyes, other liquid and powder dyes, dye intermediates and services. Waysmos Fine’s customers include many international manufacturers representing many of the world’s best-known brands.

Waysmos Fine, founded in 1995,

started as a specialty fine chemicals supplier located in beautiful Chinese city Hangzhou, with more then 20 years development, Waysmos Fine has been growing to be more than 200 passion employees, one advanced R&D center in Shanghai, and two production plants in Shanghai and Jiangsu, China. We also established offices in Hong Kong, Germany, and United Sated to meet customer demand.

Innovative and High standards of Manufacturing

With Waysmos Fine ’s innovative and uncompromising high standards of manufacturing, and our R&D team constantly develop dye Intermediates, powder dyes to liquid dyes, and now we develop into an enterprise focusing on paper dyes and the synthetic and application for inkjet printing dyes.

Excellent reputation, beyond China market to all over the world

Waysmos Fine, has excellent reputation for high quality and efficiency for its dyestuffs and services, which is beyond China market to all over the world.

Waysmos Fine is committed to continue developing more innovations and sustainable dyestuffs and chemical products.